Sam & Ian’s Wedding

I heard stories on the day of how Sam’s parents had worked on the garden for a whole year leading up to the wedding  – it was so amazing I had to take a lot of flower photos for her mum in between the other wedding events.

It must run in the family as when I arrived at Sam’s Poppa’s house where the girls were getting ready there was ANOTHER amazing garden – see those stunning sunflowers as the backdrop for the bridesmaid’s portraits.

Speaking of flowers – Samantha’s mum, Leesa, also made the bridal bouquet, and all the other floral arrangements from flowers from her own garden – I really couldn’t get over her talent there! And what a special thing for the Bride and Groom.

Although it was a drizzly day, we managed to get through all the official photos and the ceremony without getting too wet.  And opted to use the Marquee for the group shots with guests – this kept everyone dry and the light was perfect. I don’t think these photos are usually included in wedding blogs but I thought I would this time to show that it is good to go with the flow!

We found a break in the rain to get the group shot of everyone. I didn’t need a step ladder or a drone this time – but instead could photograph from the window of the second story of the house, using sign language to direct the crowd. It is one of my favorite group shots!

Thanks to the bridal party (Kelly, Codie, Jess, Kayla, Steve, Chris, Craig, and Jamie) who were supportive to Sam & Ian leading up to their day and were full of fun and laughs on the day too. Willing participation makes my job so much easier – especially when you volunteer to leap in the air with umbrellas!

Samantha’s dress is from Bank Street Bridal and family/friends helped with hair, make-up and the cake!

The Celebrant was Paula Kearney.

Drinks Caravan – TwoBlondes & I’m a little teapot.

DJ: Mo Taylor

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