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Whangarei Commercial Photography:
5 Tips to Find the Best Photographer for the Job

It stands to reason that an amazing photo can always make people ask the right questions. It’s great for business. Any given day, a good photo can outperform the best copy and push your digital marketing forward. It’s a quick way to stand above your competition and be consistently talked about as well as putting a face to a company.

A photo more than anything else can pique people’s curiosity about your brand in a positive way. That said, a great commercial photoshoot can make your product or service simply irresistible to your desired audience. You can have customers wondering about your product or service, “That looks good! Maybe I should get one for the holidays!” or “Maybe I should book an appointment early?” perhaps “they appear trustworthy let’s use them”.

When it comes to business matters, you want people to discover your brand and for them to be excited about it. That’s the power of a photo if used well, and a commercial photographer in Whangarei can make your brand exciting and appealing to your target market.

But what should you look for in a Whangarei professional commercial photographer? Consider the following tips to find the best one:

A professional photographer in Whangarei should have a good mastery of the technical aspects of photography. They know their settings, their visual styles, and how to make them work well together.

A Whangarei commercial photography studio worth their salt has a good mix of professional photography equipment. They don’t need to have the most expensive camera lens in the market or the latest studio technology set-up, but they should have the basics covered and a decent combination of gear to get the job done.

Having a massive amount of talent and creativity will always trump the best equipment, but you should also tailor that talent range to your photography needs. Understand what kind of commercial photography the photographer you plan to hire specialises in.

There are so many photography fields, no two photographers are ever the same. For example, an event photographer will work differently from the way a studio portrait photographer will create a shot. One has the constraints of the time and movement within the event such as a party or a wedding, while the other has the focus and attention of its subject in a controlled studio environment.

Its’ similar to the medical field when you go to see a cardiologist and pulmonologist, they are both good doctors, however, they are very focused on treating different parts of the body.

Hence, know what you need, so you can choose the best photographer for your project.

This is the most important and easiest as a customer to determine. Do you like their photography? View their photography portfolio to understand your Whangarei Photographers photography skills, and how they translate ideas into imagery. Every photographer will have a  unique take on a subject, their portfolio will showcase their aesthetics and style!

A perceptive photographer is not afraid to talk about big ideas, in fact, they would look forward to knowing your brand’s narrative. They want their clients to talk passionately about their brand and hear what best describes the characteristics of their business. It’s a good starting point for them to create the visual approach for the kind of commercial photos you want.

Here at Sarah Marshall Photography, based here in Whangarei, we believe that a great series of commercial photos can represent your brand image well.  We can create professional and high-end photos to capture the authentic spirit of your business. These approachable and professional images are perfect for use across your social media, web, and print advertising.

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